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logo12-120pTAB-GRU COMPANY is a company with tradition in internal and international carriage in optimal conditions, but also high tonnage transit.

We perform transport to any location in Europe with low-weight commercial and modern vehicles with practiced drivers and optimal costs.

Our society of consignment transit is framed of a young experimented team in international goods transit; within our company is working fully experimented drivers, car mechanics, but also specialized team in office works which ensure a competitive environment for working.
We are using only ensured vehicles and the carryings are managed by the international convention CMR.

All the transits performed by us are monitored in real time by our central office’s stuff to ensure that the goods reach their destination in time.
We have our own vehicles: light Lorries specially equipped for common goods transit.

Tab-Gru Company offers fast and ensured transits to any country on the European continent.